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New Contest -- (photo contests winners announced on the yahoo group tomorrow. AuthorBuzz winners will be notified by email by Wed.)

The really big (like way big) Accidentally Dead giveaway contest!

Today, July 1, 2008 marks the release in the second installment of the Accidental series, ACCIDENTALLY DEAD, by the totally fabulous, utterly amazing, stupendously brilliant, always in her color wheel Dakota Cassidy (She made us say that--all of it. We fought back. Don't laugh. We did. It got ugly. She threatened us with heinous acts of yellow. She won.).

ACCIDENTALLY DEAD picks up with über potty mouth Nina Blackman and her newly acquired vampire woes (not to mention his undead hawtness, Greg). Here is a link to Amazon (We are subtle, aren't we?):

In celebration of Nina's release, and because Dakota's such a bitc--er, so charming, we're having a scavenger hunt where you can win big! (Don't whine. Didn't we say killer prizes were involved?)

So here's what ya gotta do—Visit the blogs of Michele Bardsley, Mark Henry, and Toni McGee Causy (in that order, people) then hit Dakota's blog and get yer quiz on. That's it! All entrants who post correct answers in the comments section of Dakota's blog will be thrown into a random drawing. The prizes:

* Dakota's giving away a signed copy of THE ACCIDENTAL WEREWOLF, a $15 Amazon Gift Certificate, and an RT tote bag from RT 2008 filled with some goodies!

* Mark's upchucking an autographed copy of HAPPY HOUR OF THE DAMNED (and maybe another surprise or two … it's a purge, darling, you never know what'll show up).

* Toni's offering an autographed copy of BOBBIE FAYE'S VERY (very, very, very) BAD DAY and other Bobbie goodness. We promise she won't blow up another bridge (at least not near you).

* Michele's spewing (again … gah! Can she get control of that spittle issue already?) an autographed ARC of WAIT TILL YOUR VAMPIRE GETS HOME and some Broken Heart swag.

Those damned contest rules: Entries must be posted to Dakota's blog by midnight (CST) Wednesday July 2, 2008. All correct answers from participants will be placed in a random drawing. ONE winner will be announced on Dakota’s blog on July 3, 2008. The winner must contact Dakota to collect the prizes.

Go on with yer bad selves (and remember visit the blogs in the following order)…

Michele's Blog:

Mark's Blog:

Toni's Blog:

Dakota's Blog:

Three questions for Dakota:

So... three questions for Dakota:

1) Kick-ass heroine character traits like Nina's in ACCIDENTALLY DEAD seem to cross over and show up in our personal lives sometimes. Tell me, if you could be a heroine for a day (without the ramifications of "consequences"), who's ass would you kick and why?

For sure it'd be John Cusaks sweet ass I'd be kicking. I mean, helllloooooo, how long does it take osmosis and the love I share with him via said vulcan mind meld for him to GET IT and CALL ME???

2) What's the single most important perk you'd LIKE to have when writing and what would you have them do? (examples: Masseur? Grape peeler? Hunky entourage?)

Well, truthfully? I'd have Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer come and herd my beasts into "calm, submissive states" so that they didn't keep getting into everything while I write :)

3) You can pick one character from ACCIDENTALLY DEAD and they will magically come to life--but you have to let them live at your house. Who do you pick and why?

Larry--Nina's guinea pig. 'Cuz he's a whole lot less maintenance than Nina, Marty or Wanda :)

And now, three questions for Nina (though if she tries to smack me around, I am calling on Bobbie Faye)...

Okay, spill -- and no, I am not letting you off the hook,... of your two closest friends, Marty and Wanda--who do you like best (our little secret)?

That's like asking me if I'd rather have a Poodle or a Yorkshire Terrier. Both have equally annoying qualities, but can be killa fun to watch when they hump someone's leg and pee on trees.

I know there are a lot of undead perks (like hello? sex for all eternity? where is the downside here?)... but there's gotta be something you hate most about being a newly turned vampire. DETAILS.

You people and the eternal sex--what is up with you bunch o' pervs??? I've said it before and I'll say it again--chicken wings. I miss them. I love them. It sucks big, fat man hooters that I won't ever be able to eat them again. I miss those hot, little bastards smothered in bleu cheese like J-Lo'd miss her booty if it was tragically amputated. So can the reminders, okay?

John Cusak has been taken off by Martians determined to see if they can start a whole new race, so you cannot pick him. Given that, who is your favorite celebrity?

Barry Manilow--and one little wisecrack about that and I shove my fist so far down your throat you'll have to get the jaws of life to extract it. Feel me?


Blogger Amy S. said...

Great interview!

July 1, 2008 at 11:14 AM  
Blogger ChariDee said...

I don't even care if I win the contest (OK, I really sorta DO, since I'm obviously the obvious choice to win, but whatever) visiting these blogs and reading the interviews has been too flippin' funny!

July 1, 2008 at 7:46 PM  

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