Friday, June 13, 2008

Crawfish boil, fais do do and books

Tomorrow, Sat., the 14th, I will be at the absolutely fabulous Wordmith's Books in Decatur Georgia for a CRAWFISH BOIL sponsored by Baby Got Books' owner, Tim. How cool is that?

Extremely cool.

J.L.. Miles (Divorcing Dwayne) and C.J. Lyons (Lifelines) and Derek Nikitas (Edgar nominated Pyres) are all going to be there, making this a fantastic party. So if you're anywhere in the Decatur / Atlanta area, come on down for a good time.


Blogger becky h said...

Toni, now that Dusty's on vacation, I'm glad to see you can take a break from stalking to promote your books. I met CJ Lyons at Malice when she was introducing LIFELINES at the new novelists' lightening book round, and she seems really nice. Have fun with her and the other authors and eat LOTS of crawfish!

BTW, I always back the SEC in any contest, but I was mighty sad that LSU's 2007 football win was at the expense of my UT Vols! ;-(

Enjoy your weekend, and sell beaucoup books!
Becky Hutchison

June 13, 2008 at 5:51 PM  

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