Saturday, August 23, 2008

email snafu

I knew I was having a few minor glitches with email over the last couple of months -- the city is four laning a couple of places around here and it seems like every time that happens, the server lines get severed by accident or have to be relocated or maybe just were snotty to the workers and the workers beat it with a shovel. I don't know, but just sometimes, I'll get a sudden burst of email... that turns out to be from a previous month. Happened again tonight, with some emails going as far back as early June. I answered every one (and these were such fun)... so if you wrote me in that time frame and you didn't hear back, I may never have gotten it. There is some gnome in the gunks rabidly clutching to it, shouting "mine, mine, all mine" and if we can get some tequila into him, he might turn it loose and give it to me... but it might be better in the meanwhile if you just re-send, because I really would love to hear from you.

There is going to be a real newsletter at the end of Sept. The first one this year, but a real one with prizes. Quite a few prizes, actually, as I keep finding cool things I want to include. So sign up on the front page of the site here. It's going to be no more than 2 newsletters a year IF THAT. As you can all see, I'm not exactly speedy getting these things done. But like I said, prizes and fun and very possibly, an excerpt of something from either book 3 or a short story I'm working on. Maybe. Did I mention prizes? Yeah, go sign up so you'll be eligible for those.


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