Tuesday, May 10, 2011

come hell or high water, now with more water

I really really keep forgetting this blog over here. I'm mostly on facebook (http://facebook.com/ToniMcGeeCausey) if you want to check in for regular updates.

Meanwhile, we're watching the levees here on May 10th, since we're in the area that's most likely to get flooding here in Baton Rouge. If they open the Morganza, and it's likely they will, we might miss the flooding, or have a foot or two in the house -- hard to tell. Meanwhile, if they do open it, people will lose their homes. If they don't open it, LSU and many neighborhoods here will flood. There is no good answer here, just like upriver.

And I'm polishing the last polish of the current book before it goes to my agent (a very dark psychological suspense), come hell or high water. Now with more water. Wish us luck.


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